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NYMini 2013 Registration – IS FULL!

This year we are only accepting 80 teams maximum.

EARLY Registration (beginning May 27th and ending June 9th) is only available for teams who have participated in the NY Mini in at least 4 out the past 5 years.  Clubs with multiple teams (including satellite teams) will only be allowed to register a maximum of 3 Men’s and 3 Women’s teams at this time.  There will be NO waiting list during this period.  If you register more than the amount of teams allowed, you will be refunded the registration minus any fees involved.

In addition, we will be holding 10 slots (5 for Men’s and 5 for Women’s) reserved for new teams (not associated with clubs in the above section) that have participated 1 year or less in the NY Mini.  Registration for these slots will also begin on May 27th.  In the case of new clubs with multiple teams that meet this guideline, only the first men’s and the first women’s team registered is considered reserved under this section.  All additional teams registered will fall under the Open registration guidelines.

OPEN Registration (beginning June 10th and ending June 30th) will be received on a first come, first served basis.  Teams that fail to reserve a slot will be put on the waiting list.  In the case where slots open up, it will be available for wait list teams on a first come, first served basis.  At the end of the open registration period, unfilled slots in section 2 will be open to the wait list.

Roster, Security Deposits and Payments  will need to be received by June 30th to be considered confirmed.  If your team fails to fulfill these requirements by that time, any payment received will be refunded minus any fees involved.  All team confirmation will be sent from registration@nymini.com, if you do not receive a confirmation 2-3 days after submitting your payment, please email us to confirm receipt.  Roster will need to be emailed to registration@nymini.com with Team Name in the subject line.

LATE Registration (beginning July 1st and ending July 13th)


– Any team roster change after June 30th will be penalized for each occurrence.

– Any team the drops out after June 30th will be penalized $50 , after July 12th $100.

– Security deposit will be returned to the address the team was registered minus any penalties.

– Please make sure you use your primary email.  Confirmations will be sent to the same emailed used to pay for registration fees.

– All NYMini waivers needs to be SIGNED and match the total number on team’s roster.  If waivers aren’t signed or matching the roster, penalty will be enforced.

– If the tournament gets rained out, 50% of the tournament fees will be returned.

– Download: NYMini Roster Form

– Download: NYMini Waiver Form

– Download: 9man Film Waiver (Only for new players who hasn’t signed one in the past)

– View Team Matrix


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OPEN REGISTRATION: June 10th to June 30th



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