NYMini T-Shirt Contest

To help celebrate the 27th Annual NYMini this year we are challenging you a chance to show off your creative skills off the court!!  Here are some rules and conditions before you submit your artwork.

Deadline for submission: March 31st, 2014

File Type: JPG, GIF, PDF or PNG.

Create your design to actual size.

All submitted designs are limited to 1 color.

Resolution: 300 pixels/inch or DPI (dots per inch).

All submitted designs must be the original work of the participant.  No photos,  nudity or racism.

Submissions may not contain any intellectual property of any third party such as logos, trademarks, service marks or copyrighted materials.

NYMini committee reserves the right to make necessary minor adjustments or changes to submitted designs in order to conform artwork to manufacturing requirements.  We also reserves the right to make any other final decisions pertaining to a design’s ink colors, sizing and placement.  We reserve the right to reject any submission that it deems in its sole discretion to be vulgar, profane, offensive, or inappropriate.

All submitted designs that is voted into the Top 3 will become property of NYMini.  If the winner of the design is selected for print, the participant understands and agrees that NYMini.com then retains permanent exclusive rights to that design for public use on apparel and other promotional products and the participant hereby irrevocably assigns such rights to NYMini.com.  If the participant is not agreeable to this, the participant should not submit designs to NYMini.com.

Winners will be determined by votes from the public for a period of time.

Email us your question(s) or your submission to: contest (at) nymini.com


1st place: TBA

2nd place: TBA

3rd place: TBA


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